Participants in ROBOTEX Cyprus can be: 

  • Students of all public and private schools at all levels of the education systems (primary, secondary and technical) .

  • Students of private educational and training centers, private institutes and state training centers.

  • Students in all universities and colleges of Cyprus, both public and private. 

  • Soldiers and adults (over 18 years old) with interest in robotics technology. 

In ROBOTEX Cyprus, teams and not individuals are participating and being assessed. This is aligned with the moto of the competition that promotes the spirit of communication, team work and collaboration.

The following rules apply for the formation of the teams: 

  • The number of persons to form a team is defined in the regulations of each competition respectively. 
  • The team is formed with persons that belong in the same category and the same level, refer to  Table 1. For example, the members of a team that competes in the Category "Primary" for the Level «4th – 6th Grade» must be respectively attending in any of grades 4th, 5th or 6th.
  • The members of the team may come from the same or different school, university or training center, educational organization or company or any combination of the previous stakeholders.
  • Each team decides its name by which it will be referred to by the Organizers of the Cyprus Robotex Challenge. In case that a team registers and its name is already registered by another team the Organizers will requiire the team to select another name.  

Competition Categories & Levels

"Category" of the competition is defined as the educational level of the members of the team (i.e Primary, Gymnasium, Lyceum, University and Special. "Level" of the competition is defined as the grade (for the categories of Primary, Gymnasium and Lyceum) and the year of study (for University) participants. 


Table 1: Categories & Levels
Primary Gymnasium Lyceum University Special

    1st - 3rd &    4th - 6th Grades

1st - 3rd Grades

4th - 7th Grades All years of study Soldiers, adults and other interested people


It is noted that in each team of the "Special" category may include upto one universtiy student who did not manage to participate in a team of the category "University". In case of limited participation in this category, the Organizers reserve the right to combine the teams in the category "University".



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