The regulations of the challenges are available both in English and the Greek languages and they are implemented by the Scientific Committee and the Judges during the execution of the challenge.  Download the regulations of the competitions you are interested and review them carefully in order to prepare your teams accordingly. 

Also, ensure that you definitely see the page with the frequently asked questions where you will see clarifications on questions submitted by coaches and players about all competitions.  

New Platforms in Robotex Cyprus

The event has been enriched with new platforms that can be used by teams in the various challenges. Specifically, for the LEGO challenges, in addition to the LEGO EV3 platform, LEGO SPIKE may also be used.  

For the challenges Line Following, Enhanced Line Following, Folkrace, Maze and Sumo the platforms Raspberry Pi, ARM and ESP may also be used.

Regulations in English for Robotex Cyprus 2021

Due to the special situation with the coronavirus pandemic, the competitions to be organized during ROBOTEX CYPRUS 2021 are indicated below with **.

In addition to the regulations below, a special document describing the arrangements  for the execution of competitions due to the pandemic has been prepared, please carefully review  it here.

The following competitions will not be organized due to the situation with the coronavirus pandemic:




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